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Top 5 Gymnastics Gifts for 8 Year Old Girl


We’ve rounded up the top 5 gymnastics gifts for 8 year old girls. We have something to motivate her to be the best gymnast she can be, something cozy to show off her gymnast pride, something to help her improve her performance, something fun to help her practice at home and something crafty that she can share with her friends!


1. Gymnastics Achievements Water Bottle
This achievements water bottle is a great gift to motivate your gymnast to become the best gymnast she can be. It has achievements that she will probably already be able to mark off like first rip and first jump to high bar, but it also has achievements that she will probably have to work to mark off, like 10 second handstand club and 10 pull-ups. To mark the achievement, you simply put one of the colorful stickers on top of the space on the bottle.

2.  Sweatshirt
We love this super on trend pink sweatshirt. It has raised GYMNAST letters on the front. The subtle design is ultra chic.

3. Mindset & Meet Journal
Our Mindset & Meet Journal is really a must have for any gymnast that's serious about the sport! It is filled with different activities, motivational tools, confidence building tools, areas to document your scores and growth, set goals for yourself and just a great journal to have to help you grow in your gymnastics journey.

4. Home Beam
Tumbl Trak makes a 4 foot long sectional beam that rests on the floor. You can either just buy one unit or you can buy multiple and they easily connect with hook and loop closures at the ends. So, you can buy three of these and connect them to make a 12 foot long floor beam. This is convenient because you can disconnect them for easy storage. It's the same 4" width as competitive beams, and is made of similar suede material.

5.  Gymnastics Bracelet Making Kit
Craft your passion with the Gymnastics Bracelet Making Kit. Order yours today and embark on a creative journey that allows you to express your love for gymnastics in a unique and wearable way. Perfect for rainy days, sleepovers, or simply unwinding with a delightful crafting project!

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