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Gymnastics Gear for 3 Occasions

We've got you covered when you need to know what essential gymnastics gear you need, depending on the occasion!

meet week essentials

Meet week? We gotcha. Check out these gymnastics gear essentials to help you with meet week. 

Garment Bag - this is great to transport  your meet leo so that it doesn't get all wrinkled in your gym bag.

Gymnastics Backpack - the perfect size to carry all of your meet essentials including your shoes, journal, grip bag, etc.

Gymnastics Bag Tag - to make your back stand out amongst the sea of gym bags, of course.

Mindset & Meet Journal - a must have for any gymnast who is serious about gymnastics!

Hair Scrunchies - perfect for keeping your hair out of your face. 

Slide on Shoes - comfortable and easy to slip on between events as well as before/after meets.

halloween essentials

Spooky season? We've got you covered here too. Here are two costume ideas using leotards!

Warm Up Set - if you don't want to risk messing up your official warm up set, snag this one for your USA Gymnast costume.

Medal - you can se one of your own, or you can grab this medal for your costume. 

USA Rhinestone Leotard - perfect to tie in to let everyone know you're a USA gymnast for halloween!

Body Glitter - a definite must have if you're  going to be a fairy!

Coral Stripes Leotard - this is the perfect leotard for this fairy costume.

Fairy Wings, Tutu, Wand & Halo - perfect accessory pack to complete your costume.

part essentials

Having a gymnastics party? Never fear, we've got you covered for this occasion too.

Motivational Sticker Party Favor Bundle - perfect for party favors for any gym themed party.

Doodle Grip Bag - this can be used as a party activity AND double as the favor bag!

Gymnast Heart Earrings - perfect for the birthday girl to wear during her party.

Gymnastics Bracelets - another great gift for your gymnastics themed party bag. 

Party Supply Set - a must have at your gymnastics party.

Medal Holder - great as a gift for a gymnastics party - or any occasion really, you can never have too many medal holders!


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