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Gifts for Gymnasts During The Quarantine

It's not an exaggeration when we say that most of us are sick and tired of being quarantined. But for gymnasts, it's more than just being quarantined that's tough. It's being forced to stay away from the gym for so long that can really break their spirit!  Drive-by parades past the gym are fun but definitely a reminder of the loss of gymnastics practice and life as they once knew it.

And while it's normal for your gymnast to feel sad and upset about the loss of gymnastics practice and interaction with her teammates, it doesn't mean you can't try to cheer her up!

Below we've listed a few gymnastics gift ideas that you can give to your gymnast during the quarantine to help raise her spirits and remind her of her love and passion for gymnastics.

1. Confident Gymnasts Coloring & Activity Book

This book is 50 pages and will help your gymnast ease her stress by having keep her mind on a fun activity. Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and coloring gymnastics pages has been shown to induce happiness (ok, we made that last fact up but you get our point). This is a great quick surprise for your moping gymnast and will be sure to have her break a smile!


2. Handstands For Dayz Gymnastics T-Shirt

This is a new addition to our catalog and we just love the bright, fun colors. It's the perfect addition to your gymnast's spring/summer wardrobe and is certain to cheer her up. Plus, although your gymnast can't get in the gym, she's surely doing handstands right now so why not acknowledge this very important skill on a t-shirt.


3. Chalk Up Buttercup Gymnastics T-Shirt

Another of our favorite summer t-shirts, this Chalk Up Buttercup shirt is super soft and comfy and will be her favorite hanging around the house shirt. Plus, it will remind her, not only to be strong during this pandemic, but also of her favorite gymnastics accessory - chalk!


4. Gymnast Water Bottle


Your gymnast might not be going to the gym but she's going to need to drink water this summer! This gymnast water bottle is a fun accessory for your gymnast and can fill her up on those hot summer days as she jumps on the trampoline or spends hours playing in the yard. This gymnast water bottle will brighten her day.


5. Simone Biles Online Course


Your gymnast can't practice gymnastics now but she can learn a lot from some of the videos in Simone's Masterclass Course where she speaks about her mental strategies and mindset. Mindset is important now more than ever, and the things she talks about can be used in life and not just gymnastics! Plus, it's fun to watch Simone Biles talk about her experiences in the gym, as well as do gymnastics. 


Those are some ideas to cheer your gymnast up during this ongoing quarantine. Giving her little gifts that remind her of how much she loves gymnastics will help keep her spirits up and her mind focused on all the positives of gymnastics. 

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